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Кальян на ананасе
Просто офигительнейшее видео от кальянщика Ахмета Мамедова о том как сделать кальян на ананасе. Однозначно must see!!!

Возможно, вас также заинтересует статья о 5 простых советах о том, как приготовить хороший кальян

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Just want to say I LOVE all your wonderful tips!

I've been looking in some of your back entries and notice you have been traveling to lots of different countries' hookah bars!

I live in Japan and wonder if you happen to know of any places within Japan where I can obtain hookah products...I've looked around a bit but it seems the flavors available to me from stores within Japan are very limited and it costs WAY too much to get it shipped over from the US ><. I REALLY miss Fumari tobacco. It is a hand-made hookah tobacco from a California based company, if you are not already familiar with it.

Any advice is VERY appreciated!

Thank you very much for reading me! I'll try to keep you and everybody happy :).

Unfortunatelly, I have never been to Japan, even I live very close to it in Russia (2 hours by plane). I read, that in Japan, hookah is more known as shisha, so maybe you can try to look for some stores by this name in google maps. I have found this one and it had good comments, but I have no ideas where exactly it is and how good their prices are.
Actually, if you have already visited some places that serve hookah in Japan (Tokyo?) it would be nice if you write about them a little bit (it's only if you would like to do it of course).

I have not tried Fumari tobacco, but I'd like to try a hand-made tobacco for sure. I miss Californian prices for hookah tobacco ($7 for 250mg Al Fakher, $12 for 250mg Starbuzz... that was sweet!)

по идее там паков и иранцев много - кальяны должны быть, по крайней мере там, где арабы авто торгуют и их много :)

В Японии? Не знал, что там арабы машинами торгуют )

да там у паков целая мафия, в свое время об этом много писали. типа якудзы отдали им на откуп всю грязную работу, а те плодятся и размножаются в японии. можешь сам поискать в сети. арабов в японии очень много

Офигеть! Первый раз слышу!

okay that is totally cool, want to try that!

I definitely dislike this way of making cup out of pineapple. And this charcoal must burn in hell.

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